Promotional marketing is a key component of any effective marketing strategy and branded merchandise has the power to move people emotionally, as well as to motivate and persuade. That's why it's vital to have a partner you can trust to help you reach your objectives. The Decom's experienced promotional marketing staff has a solid reputation of providing excellent service and delivering desired results for organizations of all sizes. Our results have earned the respect some of the nation's leading companies.

We've built our successful partnerships by staying true to our core beliefs:

  • Remember, it's not only about the product... it's also about results!
    Looking beyond the product delivers client results.
  • Add value to client programs.
    Adding value to client programs allows Decom to maintain long-lasting relationships and increase client profits.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
    Understanding our competitive industry keeps us focused on exceeding client expectations.
  • Offer the highest-quality merchandise to fit the client's budget.
    Instant access to quality suppliers allows extensive product sourcing to find the perfect fit.

We understand that each client and every situation requires a unique approach. Therefore, our designated departments (decorating, marketing, sourcing, creative and fulfillment) effectively service both small organizations and Fortune 500 companies.

Decom will always look beyond the product, add value, and allocate the right resources to your project. Put us to the test...