Decom, LLC is a Wisconsin-based Promotional Products Company looking for creative and self-motivated individuals to become part of our team. Subcontract under your entity or sell under the Decom name and make higher commissions with less overhead with extra in-house office support, business cards, catalogs, email, etc...

Sales Opportunities:
Independent Sales Reps — We utilize independent reps in the following markets:

  1. Online Store Programs  — Sale of Online Apparel Programs to Schools and Corporate Business
  2. Promotional Product Sales — Sales of Promotional Products to Business’s, Schools, Groups and Organizations.

Independent Art & Design  — We utilize Art & Design in the following markets:

  1. Business — Creation and redrawing of Logo’s
  2. Schools — Creation of Mascots, Logo’s and Sports Designs
  3. Events — Creation of Music, Athletic, Fundraiser and Group Activity Designs
  4. Retail — Creation of Custom Branded Apparel

If you are an independent sales rep and would like to join the Decom team,
please e-mail your resume to