From corporate marketing and event programs to fundraisers and fun group activities, our very talented team of artists at Decom will offer a wide range of custom art & design concepts to make every project most effective.


From simple text placement to font creation and letter manipulation, typesetting can be the most important detail of a graphic design.


Decom wants to be sure your logo/design is set up for quality screenprint or embroidery results. Our illustrator's will reproduce your logo/design to meet vector art specifications needed for screenprinting.


We will take your concept, thoughts, ideas, or sketches to develop the image for you. We can work with as much or as little direction you provide to create the digital artwork needed or screenprinting or embroidery.


Do you already have a design or logo, and would like to do something different with your custom apparel. We would love to consult you with the most innovated decorating procedures to date. Not all inks, effects and procedures work well with all logos, so we make recommendations for the best processes for your specific logo/design.


All art work is priced on individual projects depending on the complexity, depth and time that needs to go into the project. Here are some guidelines:
  • typesetting $20 (pricing may vary per project)
  • redrawing $30 (pricing may vary per project)
  • more complicated art creation $35/hour

Want to do it yourself!!!

Use Decom's "YOU DESIGN" and create your own logo/design at little or no cost, it's easy! Click the below "YOU DESIGN" button…pick a product... select DECORATE NOW…and your on your way. Please contact Decom if you have any questions.

You Design